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Bringing Home Your New Mutt

Adoption Process: Welcome

The Adoption Process

  • Find a dog you’d like to adopt on our Available Dogs page.

  • Submit your adoption application and be​ sure to tell us which dog you’re interested in.

  • Within 72 hours a volunteer will begin the initial review of your application. To help process your application quickly, please contact your vet and authorize them to release information to us and let your references know we’ll be calling. Failure to do so can cause a delay in processing your application.

  • Once your references have been contacted, a volunteer will contact you to schedule a home visit.  **Please note:  Due to COVID-19 home visits will be done virtually until otherwise noted.

  • Once your home visit is completed, a volunteer will review your application and you will receive an email indicating your approval.  **Please note:  In some instances, after gathering more information, we may determine the dog you initially applied for is not a match.  In this case, we will indicate that in your approval email and we may either suggest another dog that may be a match or ask if there are other dogs you may be interested in that might be a better match.

Adoption Fees

  • Puppies (8 weeks – 1 year old): $450
    (A $100 spay/neuter deposit is required for any puppy under 6 months old not altered at time of adoption. This deposit will be refunded after confirmation of alteration is received by Mostly Muttz Rescue.)

  • Adults (1 year old – 7 years old): $350

  • Seniors (7+ years old): $250

Once You're Approved

  • You’re approval email will also provide you with the name and contact information of the current foster parent of the dog you are approved for.  The foster parent will answer any questions you have and help you set up a meeting with the dog. At the meeting, if you feel the dog is a match for your family, you should be prepared to finalize the adoption at that time.  **Please note:  We do not deliver dogs.  You are required to travel to the location agreed upon between you and the foster home.

  • At the adoption, a volunteer, usually the dogs foster, will have a contract for you to review and sign, we encourage you to review the adoption contract ahead of time (click here to review). The adoption fee must be paid in full, with cash or via PayPal, prior to completion of your adoption. If you are using PayPal, you sent the funds to the email address, or use this link,

After Adoption

Once a Mostly Mutt, always a Mostly Mutt. Mostly Muttz Rescue is dedicated to providing the adopted animals and their adoptive homes with on-going guidance and support. If at any time you need help feel free to contact us.

Adoption Process: FAQ
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