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So, you’re thinking about fostering?

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Never fostered before and looking for answers to some common questions about fostering? Please continue reading!

What will fostering cost me?

Close to nothing. Mostly Muttz Rescue will supply dog food, crates, routine veterinary care, emergency veterinary care, medications and even toys if you need them.

What does Mostly Muttz expect of me as a foster home?
  • As a foster home, you could be asked to drive to pick up a dog at a shelter or meet a transporter.
  • As a foster home, we ask that you forward all paperwork related to your foster dog to us within 48 hours.
  • As a foster home, we ask that you submit an updated bio for your dog at least every 2 weeks. This includes updated pictures and a sentence or two about the dog’s personality or experiences.
  • As a foster home, we expect that you will make a reasonable effort to attend outreach events with your foster dog. This helps generate interest and get them adopted.
  • As a foster home, we ask that you be able to get your dog to vetting appointments at approved veterinary hospitals. Appointments are made by foster homes to keep it as convenient as possible.
  • Most important of all, we expect you to ask questions! We are here for you for whatever questions or problems you come across. We’re here, day and night to help you through this experience. Support is something we all need in this business.
How long do foster dogs usually stay?

The length of stay for a foster dog depends on many things such as age, health, breed, etc. As a general rule, puppies stay the shortest, often being adopted within a week or two; this generally applies to dogs under 2 years old as well.

The average stay of a dog over 2 years old is likely to be a month or two. Once you get into the golden years, it often takes several months to find that special someone willing to give an older dog a place to rest his/her head.

What if it doesn’t work out?

While we do our best to match a dog with a foster home where it will do well and thrive, there do come times when problems arise with a foster dog in its foster home. When this happens, we make our best effort to quickly move the dog. We do ask for patience as we try to find an alternative place.

Ready to jump in?

Click here to fill out the foster application. Visit the adoption page to see more details about the approval process for foster applications.

Once you are approved as a foster home, you’ll receive a phone call from your foster coordinator to discuss the type of dog you feel would be the best fit for your living circumstances.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Mostly Muttz Rescue is an IRS registered, 501(c)3, public charity that is an all-volunteer, foster based canine rescue striving to keep man’s best friend from dying alone in the shelter system.

At Mostly Muttz Rescue, it is our passion to save dogs with life-long special needs and acute medical needs as well as healthy, more easily adoptable dogs. We believe that every dog, regardless of health, deserves a fighting chance to live, to love and to be loved for the duration of their lives.


How To Help Us

Rescue a Mutt

Take one of our lovable rescue Muttz home and make them a member of your family fur-ever and ever.

Make a Donation

Donating to our rescue fund allows us to provide our Muttz with food, housing, and medical care.


Volunteering is as easy as walking one of our kennel Muttz, helping out with events, or fundraising.


Open up your heart and home to one of our lovable Muttz and prepare them for life with their forever family.

$50 Saves a Life

You can easily save a rescue dog's life by donating $50 towards the food and boarding for one of our Muttz in need.

Monthly Donation

You can give the gift of life to many Muttz in need by making your donation recurring for as long as you can.